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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Zombie Guide Magazine

1. Why did you set up zombie-guide?
I started ZGM for several reasons. The first being my frustration with building websites for other people. I always had to build what they wanted and I wanted a website of my own, that I could make into whatever I want it to be.
My other reasons were to use my army background in a useful way, so I wouldn’t forget the training and experience. So when I started watching The Walking Dead, it came to me. I could make a website about zombies! It could have everything, from survival, to weapons, to my ideas about zombies.
So it started out as a Wiki page and I set out to make it a knowledge base about zombies. When the first book reviews came in it slowly turned into a magazine. We evolved from that and instead of a “guide”, we became a magazine.
We haven’t gotten where we want to be yet. But I have gotten beyond the point I initially imagined the site to ever be. Our goal is to keep getting more fans, attend events and eventually become a team of full time writers.
2. What is your favorite article from the website and why?
My favorite article is from Ian, about destroying the brain stem. It has everything a good article needs. He really did the math and research on it and it came out great. What bothers me about this, is that a lot of people don’t care about all the work that goes into an article like that. It gets almost no attention… But set-up a giveaway for a sticker and everybody gets excited!
3. What is your zombie apocalypse plan? Do you think it’s possible you will ever need it?
I believe in the kind of infected seen in 28 days later. A ravenous disease that turns people into rabies like flesh eaters with no conscience or remorse. Like explained in Zombieland.
My plan for this is simple. Get to an unpopulated area ASAP. Living in The Netherlands, 6 meters below sea level, this will suck.. So my best chances are to lock myself, with supplies, in one of the many windmills here until the everything calms down. After that look for rescue helicopters, or improvise from there on.. These btw are the modern windmills. They have enough space to live in and if you bring soil up there, you could have a garden in the staircase. And catch water on the roof, since it rains here all the time..
4. What would be your weapon of choice?
Well I could start summing up awesome guns here, but they’re all illegal here. So my best bet would be a proper crossbow, a hunting knife and battle-axe. Probably a Cold steel one. But my best weapon would be smart thinking and staying under the radar.
5. How long do you think you’d survive in the zombie apocalypse?
It depends on where I am, what kind of zombies there are and if I’m a little lucky. If they’re the zombies like in Zombieland, I think I should be fine. In that case I think humanity will be thinned out, but we’d make it through. Just hide until the infected run out of food…
In case of a The Walking Dead scenario, I’d die. There would be so many infectious diseases popping up with all the corpses everywhere, plus the whole word coming to a standstill, it would be impossible to stay in good health. You’d die as soon as you get I’ll and have no medical treatment.

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