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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Allisons REVENGE

1. Can you tell me a bit about Allisons REVENGE?

TJ: Allison’s REVENGE is about a woman (Allison Dane) that has been through hard times for the better part of a decade and finally gets tired of having her back against the wall.

2. Are any of the characters/event based on you or anyone you know?

TJ: All the characters are made up, but there are some events that have happened to people I know as they did in “Deadly Mountain”.

3. What makes Allisons REVENGE different from similar/competitive stories?

TJ: Allison’s REVENGE isn’t just your basic horror, it covers psychological suspense, mystery, crime and horror. This book has twists that you never see coming, as well as scenes I’ve never witnessed in any other book or movie. How its written allows you to feel the emotion, the terrifying days of torture and even the more basic stuff that people can relate to on a day to day basis. This story also includes 3 alternate endings to sum up many ways the book could have ended.

4. Can you also tell me a bit about the prequel, Deadly Mountain?

TJ: Deadly Mountain is about some high school graduates that go on a skiing trip in Switzerland before they separate to their different colleges. The group is dragged into the caves of the snowy mountain and tortured for information thought to have been known. These teens try to escape their fate from the blood curdling serial killer.

5. What makes your writing stand out from the crowd?

TJ: I’d have to say the twists I put in all my writing and for those that have read any of my work would know the twists are never the same and I’m really big into the whole “shock” factor.

6. What (or who) inspires your stories?

TJ: You know I’ve been asked that a lot and I can’t really say there is just one thing or person that inspires me. I’m inspired just by people watching, hearing events that has gone on, listening to and watching children as their minds develop.

7. Which of your books are you most proud of (or happiest with the way it turned out)?

TJ: Deadly Mountain, Allison’s REVENGE, Holiday Horror (2014) and Devil Days are my favorites.

8. You are a brilliant help to other writers, always supporting others, what advice would you give to someone just starting out writing?

TJ: It’s always better to build bridges than it is to burn them. When you start out the first thing you’ll notice is how hard it is to get your work out there, so it’s a lot better working with others and help them as well as helping yourself than making enemies. Also, just because starting out may not seem like you’re completing your goals, don’t give up. Everything takes time.

9. How do you cope with writers block - if you suffer from it?

TJ: Fortunately I haven’t had writers block yet, but I always have a problem with wanting to write on multiple books at a time.

10. Do you have any future projects you would like to tell us about?

TJ: Well I have 3 anthologies I’m working on Holiday Horror 2015, Monster Diaries and 1 another author is putting out (Doesn’t have title yet). I also have 2 novels Silent Screams and Soul Feeders that I’m working on.

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