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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Dana Wright has always had a fascination with things that go bump in the night. She is often found playing at local bookstores, trying not to maim herself with crochet hooks or knitting needles, watching monster movies with her husband and furry kids or blogging about books. More commonly, she is chained to her computers, writing like a woman possessed. She is currently working on several children’s books, young adult fiction, horror short stories and is trying her hand at poetry. She is a contributing author to Siren’s Call E-zine in their “Women In Horror” issue in February 2013 and “Revenge” in October 2013, a contributing author to Potatoes! (upcoming), Fossil Lake Anthology, a top secret anthology project from Horrified Press due out in 2014, Wonderstruck, Shifters: A Charity Anthology, Holiday Horrors and the Roms, Bombs and Zoms Anthology from Evil Girlfriend Media.
Dana also reviews music for New Age Music Reviews, Progressive Rock and Write a Music specializing in New Age and alternative music. She has been a contributing writer to, Eternal Haunted Summer, Nightmare Illustrated, Massacre Magazine, Pagan Living Magazine, The Were Traveler October 2013 edition: The Little Magazine of Magnificent Monsters, the December 2013 issue The Day the Zombies Ruled the Earth.
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